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CrossFit Simi Valley was established in 2007 and founded by a retired Navy SEAL and long time CrossFitter.  The SEAL Teams know what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of physical and mental performance. All aspects of the CrossFit Simi Valley program were designed specifically to help our members achieve their health and fitness goals regardless of their level of experience.

Even if you are not looking to be an amazing athlete or in the military but rather just want to look amazing, perfect! We are the facility for you.


With 20+ years of experience, we provide the best coaching possible in all of our classes. We pride ourselves in experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

At CrossFit Simi Valley our coaches use CrossFit as our main Core Strength and Conditioning Program. Lucky for us our coaches also have a diverse background such as Special Forces Training, Strongman Training, Track and Field, Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting and much, much more which they bring into our training program.


At CrossFit Simi Valley we pride ourselves on our amazing members and our community. We are like a family. It is very important that new members feel welcome and comfortable while they get to know us during their process of joining our community.

Our sense of community in CrossFit is one of the biggest and most important aspect because you are able to find people who are on the same fitness level as yourself and are around people who sincerely want to see you improve.

Why CrossFit Simi?

  • Great Supportive Community
  • Caring Certified Coaches
  • Works to hit YOUR Fitness Goals
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Happy Healthy Sexy Stronger

RSS Happy Healthy Sexy Stronger

  • The Most Amazing Diet
    “It is not morally possible actually to go out into the world and say to devout, intelligent, fellow human beings: ‘We are saved and you are damned'; or, ‘We believe that we know God and we are right; you believe that you know god and you are totally wrong.‘ – Huston Smith, The Faith of […]
  • “Modified” isn’t a ditry word
    Pain is the bodys Check Engine light. If you want the short version of this rant: Mobilize and assess your movement(s) pattern(s) to make sure they are proper and sound versus your load, intensity and goal(s). Some how the process of “scaling” or “modifying” a movement has become a harsh accepted critique and is immediately processed […]

RSS Workout of the day

  • January 30
    Strength: A1) Floor Press 5×5 30×0 A2) 1 Arm Bent Over DB Row 5×10 20×0 B1) Dips 4×5 30×0 B2) BB Standing Curls (add weight/go heavy) 4×6 20×0 B3) Med Ball Rollouts 4×20 MetCon: 20 sec on/ 20 sec off 8 Rounds at the following stations: Bench Press 135/95 Row Push Ups Mountain Climbers  
  • January 29
    Strength: A1) Deadlift 5×5 30×0 A2) Plank 4×40 seconds B1) SLDL 5×10 20×0 B2) DB Step up 4×6 B3) Ring Row 4×8 20×0 MetCon: 12x SDHP 95/75 Sled Push across gym and back 100m Sprint 12x Burpee Box Jumps 100m Walk around building 3 Rounds (fast during rounds, recover on walk)
  • January 28
    Strength: A1) Neutral Grip Ring Pull up/Row 5×5 30×0 A2) Ring Push Up 5×10 30×0 B1) Bent Over BB Row 4×6 20×0 B2) OH DB Ext 4×6 B3) L-Hold 4×30 sec MetCon: Team Wod: 2 Person Teams Team Run 400m: Then 100x Pull Ups 200x WallBalls 300x Double Unders 400m Team Run Trade off 5, […]