Our Philosophy

At CrossFit Simi Valley our coaches use CrossFit as our main Core Strength and Conditioning Program. Lucky for us our coaches also have a diverse background such as Special Forces Training, Strongman Training, Track and Field, Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting and much, much more which they bring into our training program.

CrossFit by one definition is not a specialized fitness program but actually a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence within each of the 10 recognized fitness domains of Endurance (Cardiovascular/Respiratory), Stamina, Strength, Speed, Power, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. If you want to improve in one of these fitness domains AND look amazing, we are the facility for you.

Coach Andy showing athletes how to rope climb

In gyms across the country the old, typical workouts of curls and cardio, bench and bike, pilates and excessive spin classes are not getting the results desired. At CrossFit Simi Valley we work exclusively with compound movements and shorter, high intensity anaerobic cardiovascular sessions because they are radically MORE effective at eliciting amazing fitness results.

We use programming that is based and backed up by science and most importantly results. We use state-of-the-art coaching techniques on the general public and athlete through training programs that are practiced by elite level training athletes associated with major university athletic teams and professional sports.

Our Program works with anyone from any fitness background. From Police and Fire Department officers, soldiers, house wives, 9-5ers, mechanics, chefs and business professionals everyone finds fantastic benefits from what we teach. Our focus is to get results and take anyone from any background and try to advance them to their highest and most necessary level of fitness through Core Strength and Conditioning.

CFSV lifting class-52-LWe fully understand it is not all about fitness and performance, most of us just want to look good naked. To us that is a side benefit, something that happens as a result of following our Strength and Conditioning Programming and our Nutritional philosophy. We all want to be lean and strong and we get our members just that. Our program not only works for Navy SEAL’s but it will surely work and benefit the overweight and sedentary homemakers. It WILL work for you as well.

Even if you are not looking to be an amazing athlete or in the military but rather just want to look amazing, perfect! We are still the facility for you. We still train like elite athletes because athletes have greater bone density, stronger immune systems, less coronary heart disease, reduced cancer risk, fewer strokes and less depression than non-athletes. Plus, they have amazingly great looking bodies.

If strong results is what you want from a program then please contact us to get started.

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