Personal Training

Aside from our group classes, we provide additional coaching that is necessary for athletes to reach the next level of fitness. Personal training, Nutritional consultation, and Private Programming.


Personal training for those who need private instruction in a one on one setting. Personal training is way more hands on and individualized and helps members to move, look, perform and feel better. If you are:

  • Are new to exercise or Crossfit
  • Have been generally sedentary
  • Need a plan and goal to follow (accountability)
  • Want to lose weight, get strong and lean out
  • Are coming back from injury or have significant health or orthopedic issues
  • Need to perform better in a specific sport

Private Programming to include personalized Power and Olympic Lifting focused on building strength and speed of each individual athlete. This is an effective way to achieve those fitness goals you have always wanted to reach. These lifting programs will be 4-6 week program that individuals would follow and perform in addition to the regular CrossFit group classes that we offer.

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