What We Offer

OnRamp Class

Our OnRamp Classes meet 3 days a week for 2 weeks. OnRamp Class is the perfect place for beginners to start who are looking to improve physically immediately and get into our group classes. OnRamp Class progressively introduces new members to our movements and methods as well as structural balance issues, mobility work, foundational nutrition and stress management. New members will be instructed on exactly how to be successful, healthy and get to their goals quickly.

The OnRamp Class has a minimum class size of 4 people and a maximum of 8. Class availability is subject to minimum attendance. Please contact us to reserve a spot in our next OnRamp Class!

Group Classes

After completion of private training or OnRamp Class training our group class is where our members continue to develop and solidify their foundation and strength and general fitness.

Our Group Classes target the basic and intermediate CrossFit athlete.


Personal TrainingGym Pictures-170

We suggest that our members start out with personal training. These sessions allow new members to work with a trainer privately to help build your fitness base and become comfortable and confident during the introduction to our movements and program. Personal training is way more hands on and individualized and helps members to move, look, perform and feel better. If you are:

  • Are new to exercise or Crossfit
  • Have been generally sedentary
  • Need a plan and goal to follow (accountability)
  • Want to lose weight, get strong and lean out
  • Are coming back from injury or have significant health or orthopedic issues
  • Need to perform better in a specific sport

Our trainers will tailor workouts specifically to your current fitness level and capabilities so that you get the results you desire faster and more easily. Following initial private training you can always progress to OnRamp and Group Training.


Bench pressesPrivate and personalized Programming

Private programming for those who are serious weightlifters in the areas of Power and Olympic Lifting.

  •  Olympic lifting
  • Power lifting
  • Nutritional counseling



 Masters Program

The target group is  50-60 year
old. This program closely follows the progression of the regular OnRamp classes with enough alterations to cover the age bracket we are targeting.  This program has been developed to for those who may suffer from some sort of physical restriction and desire the comradery of like minded friends.

Coach Gary, a former CF Games Master athlete brings the expertise and knowledge to this new exciting program.


CrossFit Kids

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.57.28 PMCrossFit Kids is not your typical kids workout – the program follows the same regimen as our regular CrossFit Classes , delivering a fitness that is, by design, broad and inclusive. CrossFit Kids incorporates the same movements as regular CrossFit classes, scaling the load and intensity to the optimal range for children and focusing on their specific developmental needs (neurological, cognitive and motor).

CrossFit Kids is the principal strength and conditioning program for many young athletic teams and martial arts schools, and the primary physical education program for many home and charter schools. CrossFit Kids helps children to grow up healthy and strong and teaches positive fitness habits to help avoid the common problems associated with childhood inactivity and obesity.

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